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Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense

The secret to our success is that we always put the clients’ interest before ours. When necessary and appropriate, a range of emergency measures are activated in serving our clients’ urgent legal needs.

We strive to serve our clients by giving them our undivided attention, making realistic commitments, assertively advocating on, and in, their behalf, sharing information and answering questions, explaining issues and exploring all options and alternatives through the most efficient and economic means available.

“Fearless and Relentless”


Consultation and Litigation

Deputy County Counsel (1999-2014)

Cross Deputized as Deputy District Attorney (2004-2014)

Professor of Advanced Legal Research and Writing (U.C. Riverside, Ca.)

“What Clients are Saying”

When facing a lawsuit everyone needs representation that cares and is looking out for you. Bidari Civil Defense team not only got my name dismissed from the lawsuit, they also gave me back a portion of my retainer! No one better to trust with your assets on the line. Thank you Paymon and the rest of the Bidari Defense team for your stellar work! Highly recommended.


Mr. Bidari truly listened to my many problems relating to the closing of my long standing business. He was always available for my many questions. His answers were comprehensive and understandable. Highly recommended!

Linda Kuklinca

I highly recommend Mr. Bidari , very understanding, kind and professional. Thank you so much!

P. Gomez

My husband and I would recommend anyone needing this kind of service to contact Mr. Bidari, we had a consult and he explained the whole process our case would require, he did not make any promises but guaranteed he would do his duedilagence and he did that and above. He was always available for all our questions and we were kept updated thru out our case. We did win our cases. Thank you again for all your help during this trying time.

PS Miller

I would highly recommend Paymon Bidari. I was served with a notice on a civil issue that I was freaking out about. I called Paymon and lucky he was available to meet with me within the hour I called. Upon arriving to his office, he made me feel very comfortable, he was very professional and was very honest. I hired him on the spot and I couldn’t of been happier. Paymon was always on top of his game, he would always respond to my messages, phone calls and emails. I was always updated on the case and never felt left out or wondering what was going to happen next. He was able to close my case with the best outcome possible. I am extremely pleased that this case is behind me now and It wouldn’t of been possible without his expertise. Thank you Paymon!

Chris Flores

Hands Down, one of the best experiences I’ve had with any attorney. Paymon was up front and honest from the very beginning. He even gave us an outline plan before even hiring him! If you’re looking for an attorney thats up front, no bs, detailed and organized … look no further, Paymon is your guy!

Fatin Saleh

Bidari Civil Defense was exceptional in the handling my case. Not only did we win my case, but they got involved a day before a huge deadline and were able to get an extension and take care of everything. I would highly recommend their services.

Ramon Fulcher

Bidari civil defense has proven to us that experience does matter. Not only did they accept our case without hesitation when others turned us down. Mr Bidari and his staff worked hard for us and we are glad we had them on our side.

Hani Dababneh

Very Intelligent, and tactful, this is the man to finish the job.

Mike Darkhor

I originally selected Bidari Civil Defense because it was in the area where my case was being contested at. After speaking to Paymon, I knew he was the right lawyer for me. He explained his fees, the process and said he would work hard to resolve the case. As my case progressed, he kept me updated and only charged me for the work that he performed. I really appreciated his honesty, he had sent me a bill for review and then contacted me back a day or two later because he noticed that he accidently double charged me for a document that I did not notice. He resolved my case in a timely manner, I will for sure give him another call if I need him for another case. Thank you for your dedication and hard work for my case.


Mr Paymon Bidari’s defense strategy against false allegations leveled at my business and family, were simple, yet powerful, and ultimately successful. I cannot praise him enough. He is truly a stand out attorney.

John Willoughby

I would highly recommend Mr. Bidari to anyone seeking legal help. He explained all aspects of the case in an easy to understand and reassuring manner. He kept me involved and informed every step of the way. In addition his staff was very professional and a delight to deal with. Can’t thank you enough. Paymon. A++

Scott Odell

Mr. Bidari Represented my son and did a great job. We recommend Mr. Bidari as a defense attorney. Thank you Mr. Bidari.

Irma Mayoralgarcia

Never had to hire an attorney until recently, and I won’t go anywhere else. Had to deal with a landlord issue with my business and Paymon was very professional, insightful and explained every step of the way. He was accessible and really went out of his way to help me out. I’m glad I followed my gut and went with him and the piece of mind he gave me does not have a price. He makes you feel comfortable and really like someone you can just talk to. Thanks, Paymon!

Majestix Heroclix

I went to Paymon Bidari to setup a business out of the (California) state. Paymon was very professional and friendly in his approach to understand the requirements. He clearly laid out the options in front of me and the pros and cons. In areas where he hadn’t dealt with in the particular state I wanted to setup business in, he was forthcoming in explaining the situation and options there too. He was responsive on all the follow ups and patiently explained the current status in detail. Last but not the least, he was one of the most affordable among the ones I researched too.. Overall very satisfied!

Senthil Gopal

Completely satisfied. Paymon was friendly, professional, and competent. The price was affordable and there were no uneccessary services or costs added on. I recommend to anyone in need of legal representation.


A diligent and thorough lawyer, Mr. Bidari clearly has the experience and skill-set of both a top litigator and thoughtful adviser.

Geno B

I am General Counsel for numerous companies throughout Southern California. Whenever my clients are in need of an aggressive litigator, my first call is always to Mr. Bidari.

Mr. Bidari has handled numerous and varied cases for my clients; from criminal defense to employment issues — and everything in between.

Most recently, my client OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts, Inc. retained Mr. Bidari to handle a highly volatile hearing regarding the termination of a dishonest employee. Not only did Mr. Bidari prevail (in the initial hearing and two (2) subsequent appeals), he did so with diplomacy, discretion and professionalism.

I give Mr. Bidari my highest recommendation without reservation. If you are in need of an affordable, effective and extremely formidable attorney, then I urge you to call Mr. Bidari.

He has earned not only my respect, but also my trust several times over.

Robert A. Freeman, Esq.

WOW!! Mr. Bidari left an impression on us since the moment we met with him for our free consultation. We knew that he was the right hire for our case and he DEFINITELY proved us right! Words can not describe how appreciative we are with him for what he did for my son and I (potentially life altering). We were hit with a Civil law suit from what was a high profile incident that my son was involved in when he was a minor.
Paymon was one of SIX (6!!) lawyers that we interviewed with before we hired him. Our one hour consultation turned into nearly two hours, not once making us feel like we were wasting his time. Other lawyers we spoke with were short with their answers with out explaining much, a couple of them seemed irritated with the amount of questions we were asking. Others cut us off as we would talk or looked at us as if to ask “dont you know this already”, one guy literally cut us off after 30 min to tell us that if we wanted to continue that it would be $150 for an hour, another kept looking at the time as if he had somewhere or had to meet with someone more important than us (this is after he made us wait in the lobby 40 min past our scheduled time) and after we were done he said that we needed to make a decision as to whether we wanted to hire him because he was Very Busy and did’nt need the extra work but that he would take on our case if we wanted. Bidari made us feel comfortable from the get-go with out making any un-realistic promises, other than his promise to work on our case with diligence.
What really sold us was his plan of attack, honesty and most of all his CONFIDENCE. If you have the pleasure of meeting Bidari you will see that for yourself immediately. His confidence made us feel at ease while knowing that we were facing a very very difficult lawsuit to defend. Every lawyer we spoke with ultimately said that our best bet was to Negotiate with the plaintiff in order to try and minimize our losses which could have ran into the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars. In other words, we were facing the possibility of hiring a lawyer that was only going to negotiate in our behalf.
Bidari, also knew that we had a very difficult case on our hands but he didn’t just chalk it up as an automatic loss. He said that he would look at the case in its entirety and not just throw in the towel…. After a couple weeks we filed a motion to dismiss because of some flaws and technicalities that he saw in the case (I strongly feel that none of the other lawyers we interviewed would have caught them) but because of the diligence that he promised he would give our case he was able to deliver and deliver Big Time. Five months after our nightmare began our case was dismissed and we owe it all to Paymon Bidari’s dedication and bulldog mentality. Ladies and Gentlemen this man exudes Confidence for a reason.
I am in no way saying that your outcome will be the same as ours (though we were going up a creek without a paddle) but if you have read through this review please believe that it is 100% sincere. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO SPEAK WITH THIS MAN if you are in need of a Civil defense lawyer!!!

Paymon could have dragged this case out through a Jury trial in order to milk us out of 10’s of thousands but he didn’t, the case was dismissed before the trial began.

On another note, we were co-defendants along with a School District (which I assume have an army of lawyers). Paymon asked their lawyers if they wanted to get on board with our motion to dismiss but they hesitated. Long story short our case was dismissed and the School district is now the only defendant in the case. Maybe the District should look to Mr. Bidari as their litigation lawyer should they need one in the future.

Nick Robles

Where to begin on how amazing Paymon Bidari has been for myself personally, and also for my business…As a matter of fact, his fast thinking, connections, and command of the law actually SAVED my business. For this alone I am eternally grateful. Throughout the course of the last year of doing business, I have worked closely with Bidari Civil Defense in a number of matters. He has always been extremely quick to respond and resolve each of my legal issues. Each time I have worked with him, the results he has attained for me have been the best case scenario. In short, Paymon Bidari is an incredible lawyer who truly does embody the strength of his emblem of the lion and tagline of “Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.” And amazingly, his rates are the fairest and pack the most bang for your buck of any attorney I have encountered. I’m amazed at the quality of work I have received on numerous occasions in comparison to the rates he offers. But beyond being an outstanding lawyer, Paymon has truly become a good friend. He has been the first person I call when things get dicy or when I need any advice. No matter what he is doing, he always takes my call. I am truly grateful that I have found an attorney that not only obtains me “best case scenario” results every time, but a lasting friend with a working relationship that will endure for many, many years to come.

Andy Crane

Paymon Bidari was immensely helpful in securing for my business a critical legal defense win that saved one of my locations from closing and helped me avoid a possible personal bankruptcy. Even though the facts were stacked against me, Paymon had a strategy to put as many mitigating and sympathetic factors in front of the court. Moments before we were to go inside the courtroom, however, the other party approached us to settle, along the lines of an offer we had previously made. Clearly, something in the way Paymon handled the case suggested to them that victory was not a sure thing. And that even with a positive judgment, Paymon would not let that be the end of it. Paymon showed himself to them–and to me–as thorough, competent, and serious. His communication with me was excellent throughout. I felt very comfortable working with him, and you should, too.

Roland Foss

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