Dr. M. Martin

You are a living example of what wonderous things can happen when a person of honor, ethics, intelligence, and heart chooses to dedicate his service to mankind in the field of law.”

K. Burgamy

“I would like to thank and acknowledge you for all of your time, effort, patience and dedication in and out of the court room. Your trainings, preparation for testimony and trials, responses to emails and constant patience with my lack of experience and knowledge improved not only my abilities, but also the lives of the children. Thank you. Again, thank you for all you contribute – you are an amazing individual.”

M. Beleno

“Paymon Bidari is a great lawyer. Though I have never hired a lawyer before, I am grateful that Paymon Bidari handled my case. When I initially consulted with him, I felt his sincere desire to listen to me. Despite my great anxiety, Atty. Bidari , made me feel at ease immediately by inviting me to take a short walk to discuss my legal matter. Atty Bidari carefully asked me sensitive questions that pertained to the legal situation that I was in. He was very incisive yet maintained gentle empathy. After patiently listening to me, he offered a brief legal analysis of what is going on and what will probably happen next. I asked about probabilities and scenarios, Atty. Bidari answered and explained them all objectively, citing specific laws and his personal experience in handling these matters.

His responses about my case, were not really reassuring to me at that time. However, I took comfort in the fact that, I felt I had competent counsel on my side. Sensing my apprehension, he took the time to give me his personal assurance that everything will be fine and stressed that he will work hard to defend my interests.

For the next few days, Atty. Bidari, demonstrated that he is the lawyer that I felt he would be. He was quick to respond to my phone calls and text messages. Atty Bidari mapped out a plan that he believes will spare myself and my family, a serious and protracted legal battle. Atty Bidari essentially walked me through the whole process and was present in key interviews with law enforcement officials. He even drove me and my wife to a couple of these interviews!

In the end, my case was resolved with no adverse consequence to my family. It was a huge relief! I felt blessed and lucky to have Atty. Paymon Bidari as my legal counsel.”

R. Escalara

“Paymon, you have proven to be one of the best counsel I have worked with…..You are the best.”

B. D'escalis

“You are such a gentlemen and have been very kind….Thank you so much for all that you have done for all of us.”

J. Texera

“Paymon, you are a prince. Thank you for everything.”

M. Morrissette

“Thank you for your sense of humor, your patience, and reassurance. You made going to court an easy process, and helped boost my confidence in an unfamiliar territory. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work with you.”

San Bernardino County Counsel 2007

“Paymon demonstrates exceptional professionalism, initiative, good judgment and technical skills in performing his duties. Paymon’s clients and the Board of Supervisors’ staff continue to give him high praise for his efforts in prosecuting matter as well as his advisory duties.”