Estate Planning

This firm offers estate planning services such as drafting Wills and Trusts.  Guiding our clients to determine the specific distribution of their estate, this firm provides counseling and consultation for those seeking to establish a trust where assets are set aside for a future beneficiary. Drafting wills, trusts and other estate planning documents is a large part of this task. We also advise our clients about retirement plans, life insurance policies and charitable contributions. If a case goes to probate court, we would be involved in litigating the case.

In order to be most effective, we have a thorough grasp of state and federal tax laws, trusts, wills, property and real estate. We collaborate with financial managers and insurance specialists. This law firm prides itself on good communication, teamwork and strong organization skills that are critical components of estate planning. Our financial and legal knowledge allows us to assist our clients with prudent estate planning. We stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tax laws that could affect the value of clients’ estates.

Estate planning is the best way to protect your assets and in the future. We do not use templates in drafting our documents. We hand tailor our clients’ estate planning according to their individual needs and desires.

This firm offers several different estate planning packages that are designed to meet the clients’ needs. Our packages include Property Management and Health Care Proxies, Abstracts and Certificates.