Land Use and Zoning

Land use lawyers focus on legal issues related to environmental, zoning, real estate and property law.

Zoning, Permit and Planning as well as Building and Safety are major legal issues concerning land use law.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and developers are often confronted with government bureaucracy, finding themselves unable to construct or conduct the type of business they intended. This firm represents those who are being prevented from constructing or developing a certain type of business due to either zoning, permit or planning or building and safety issues.

As such, this law firm assists clients with zoning and land use legislative and administrative approval processes in connection with the acquisition, development, leasing, sale/exchange or use of real estate or real estate use. In addition to counseling and representing the client through local, state and federal agency reviews, we handle administrative meetings, hearings and appeals.

We work closely with planners and project assistants, site development planners, traffic engineers, surveyors, civil engineers, site acquisition specialists, property managers and leasing directors to formulate and implement strategies to accomplish our clients’ development objectives against the complex backdrop of local regulations.

Land Use and Zoning are laws regarding the use and occupation of real property.

Land use laws govern what types of activities (or operations) may occur on a certain real property.

Areas that fall within Land Use are:

  • Zoning
  • Adult Businesses
  • The Subdivision Map Act
  • Permits and Planning
  • Construction Development
  • Building and Safety
  • Violations of the Building and Safety Code
  • Constitutional Right to Property Law and Use
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Anti-Pollution

In 2004, Mr. Bidari was cross deputized as a district attorney prosecuting land use violations and environmental hazards. Again having prosecuted tens of property law and land use law trials, he well learned property law, land use, zoning, permit and planning, building and safety as well as civil rights to property and property use.

In 2007, he drafted three county-wide ordinances (laws) that were codified (made into law) which are currently enforced. These ordinances included an: 1) Anti-Gang Law; 2) Anti-Pollution Law; 3) as well as an Administrative Hearing ordinance which enabled his clients to use an administrative process in place of court- thus drastically reducing his clients’ court costs and attorney fees while increasing their chances of winning.