Pham v. Ramirez, et al. (00749808)

  • Attorney for Plaintiff: Larry H. Parker’s Office
  • Attorney for Defendant: Bidari Civil Defense
  • Claim: $5M for Wrongful Death
  • Resolution: Case Dismissed in favor of Defendants

This unfortunate wrongful death case arose out of claims that decedent was attacked by Defendants’ dog causing decedent to fall, break his head and subsequently pass away.

Decedent’s estate sought five million dollars ($5M) in this wrongful death case filed in Santa Ana Superior Court. A jury trial was demanded by Plaintiff’s estate. Bidari Civil Defense defended.

After the initial completion of discovery, Defendants moved to dismiss the case without paying any money.

As such, the Court ordered the case dismissed against all defendants. Defendants did not pay any money to Plaintiff.

Case Dismissed in favor of Bidari Civil Defense clients.